About Us 


The Exceptional Foundation of Charlotte is a North Carolina nonprofit corporation based in Charlotte, North Carolina and an affiliate of The National Exceptional Foundation


The Exceptional Foundation of Charlotte is a comprehensive day program for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities providing facilities and activities to allow exceptional individuals to participate in supervised social and recreational programming with


After high school, most nondisabled people attend college or gain full time employment.  This continues the full schedule of activities and social interactions essential to a satisfying life.  However, adults with special needs can face many lonely hours with few meaningful activities to fill their lives.  The Exceptional Foundation of Charlotte seeks to enrich the lives of these young people by providing a place to meet regularly with peers and a schedule of daily events such as yoga, arts classes, bowling and community service designed to promote healthy living, support social relationships, explore the arts, improve functional skills and foster community involvement. 

In addition to our day program, The Exceptional Foundation offers school day out and summer programs for individuals with disabilities age 14 and over.