The Exceptional Foundation of Charlotte  (TEFC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation based in Charlotte, North Carolina.  In November of 2014 a group of people interested in serving this population formed an interest group to explore the need for , and feasibility of, a program such as this in our community.  TEFC went on to become incorporated in June of 2015 and received 501(c)(3) designation in October 2015.  On September 14, 2016 TEFC opened and began serving disabled  participants from Mecklenburg and the surrounding counties and has since served over 50 individuals.

     Our program is modeled after the original, and very successful, Exceptional Foundation located in Birmingham Alabama.  Started over 20 years ago, The Exceptional Foundation in Birmingham currently serves over 400 participants per year.  The National Exceptional Foundation, established in 2011, grew from the original program as a result of requests from several communities for assistance in starting their own foundations.  There are currently other Exceptional Foundations operating in Alabama and Tennessee, as well as several others in various stages of development.

     The Exceptional Foundation of Charlotte now provides a Year Round Program to individuals with special needs who  no longer receive services from school systems.  Programs are also offered to the high school-age exceptional population through our School Day Out and Summer Program.  All of our programs include  activities in our Clubhouse and gym as well as field trips to community partners such as Strike City Bowling, McGill Rose Garden, Kinetic Heights, the Char-Meck Public Library and Midtown Ballroom.